The Group Loan Program

Sample icon1 This program is a convenient and easy financing mechanism to empower those with no capital.

The Organizational Loan Program (OLP)

Sample icon 2 We work with local organizations in order to form partnerships for achieving the program’s goal.

Rotating Credit for Schools (RCS)

Sample icon 3Aimed at improving schools infrastructure.In Eastern DR Congo most schools are in very poor conditions.

Loans For Schools (LFS)

Loans for schools

The quality of education in DR Congo is disturbingly degenerated. Parents are solely responsible for the costs of education – from the teachers’ allowances to the construction of school buildings. Amongst many challenges, dilapidated classrooms are overcrowded and schools lack decent teaching material as well as adequately educated staff.

This dramatic situation has prompted PMI DR Congo to create a unique program called Revolving Loan for Schools, or RLS, which aims to improve school infrastructure in the North Kivu province and DR Congo in general. The RLS program is focused on supporting affordable private schools.




In 1995 social entrepreneur, Jean Baptiste Kakule, rented a single classroom to open the SOCAPI School. After investing his own money to buy land in the village of Vutahira, where the school currently operates, and receiving the help of parents, the school has grown to 12 classrooms serving over 800 students in both primary and secondary school.

As the first beneficiary of PMI’S RLS program, the SOCAPI School used its first loan of $500 to build new toilets to increase sanitation and a healthy environment for students. Subsequent loans were used to buy desks and to complete the construction of the 12th classroom prior to the start of the 2011 school year. The next, and fifth, loan is anticipated to be used to build the 13th classroom as well as to renovate those in poorest condition.



As one of the oldest schools in Butembo, built in 1973 by the Baptist Church, the KIMEMI School has 18 classrooms with one teacher per room, as well as two supplementary teachers and two directors. With 883 students, 460 of which are girls, the school is vital to the education of the community.

The parents have established a committee to participate in the management of the school, including the financial needs and classroom construction.

After partnering with PMI’s RLS, KIMEMI was able to rehabilitate four classrooms that had unsafe and leaking roofs. Another grant from MONUSCO enabled the building of two additional classrooms as well.

Pro-microfinance’s RLS program has provided a relief to the parents, knowing their children are safe and receiving a higher quality education.



In the village of Mavono, the Mariana Primary School was founded in 2005. In only seven classrooms with earthen flooring, 420 students file in each day. Additionally, the school has only two toilet facilities for all students and teachers.

With PMI’s RLS program the Mariana Primary School has since started building extra toilet facilities and plan to begin cementing the classroom floors.

School Director, Monique Mwamini, stated that the unique RLS program has created a confidence for the future of the school. As many of the parents are farmers and pay the school fees “in kind” (produce from their farms), the Mariana school is constantly short of cash. With PMI, the school has the capacity to accept more children for enrollment.




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