The Group Loan Program

Sample icon1 This program is a convenient and easy financing mechanism to empower those with no capital.

The Organizational Loan Program (OLP)

Sample icon 2 We work with local organizations in order to form partnerships for achieving the program’s goal.

Rotating Credit for Schools (RCS)

Sample icon 3Aimed at improving schools infrastructure.In Eastern DR Congo most schools are in very poor conditions.

The Rent to Own Program

sample imageThe Rent to Own Program: Based out of the Kinshasa office, in the Rent to Own Program, small entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to rent equipment that they own once they have paid the cost of the equipment. Motorbike taxi drivers, for example, deposit payments on their account at PMI, until the whole cost of a motorbike is paid off.  The program, in partnership with local businesses, helps those who previously paid the bulk of their profits towards renting equipment that they could never purchase to become owners and improve their income, rather than continuing unsustainable arrangements.




Job opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities with Pro-Microfinance, please check again here in the future.

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