The Group Loan Program

Sample icon1 This program is a convenient and easy financing mechanism to empower those with no capital.

The Organizational Loan Program (OLP)

Sample icon 2 We work with local organizations in order to form partnerships for achieving the program’s goal.

Rotating Credit for Schools (RCS)

Sample icon 3Aimed at improving schools infrastructure.In Eastern DR Congo most schools are in very poor conditions.


Pastor Nic Harding skydives & help the destitute in DR Congo

After his visit in Eastern DR Congo in Spring last year, Pastor Nic Harding and the Frontline Church our new partner in Liverpool/UK has raised over $10,000 to support our micro loans program in Eastern DR Congo.

Pastor Nic Testimonial,

I'm raising money for a brilliant little microfinance organization in the city of Butembo, called Promicrofinance. They are the only one of their kind in Butembo and are helping business projects get off the ground. They have a 5-year track record and have already been able to help local people start hundreds of new businesses.

I am personally committed to this, having visited this city 4 times in the last 5 years, and having witnessed the impact of their work first-hand. Many of the women who are using this service would have no way of supporting their families without Promicrofinance. (They have either been widowed or disowned by their husbands as a result of being raped in the DRC conflict.) Thanks to the 'hand-up' they've received through Promicrofinance, they are now able to try and support themselves and their families through trading activities.

A big Thank you Nic and all of you who have been supporting the work of Pro-Microfinance in DR Congo.

John S. Kavyavu
Executive Director, Pro-Microfinance International

PMI Training on Microfinance Concepts and Tools

In an effort to raise awareness and build capacity on microfinance in North Kivu, DR Congo, Pro-Microfinance launched a monthly training program that benefits all its current and potential clients. The first session took place from June 24- 25, 2011 with over 42 attendees.

During the training participants learned what is microfinance and how PMI’s microfinance services can help them start or grow their own small businesses and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. They also learned the importance of forming or joining Solidarity groups and how to hold meetings in their own groups. A detailed description of services provided by Pro-Microfinance DR Congo was given to them: In-kind loans, cash loans, savings, etc. Attendees were satisfied with the training and expressed interest to participate in future trainings organized by PMI. Refreshments were offered at the end by PMI to provide the opportunity for participants to network and exchange best practices.


Special thanks to those of you, who have contributed to the women and families who benefit from our loan programs. Pro-Microfinance International’s success is a result of your efforts. Your ongoing interest and support is helping to change the face of poverty in DR Congo, one life at a time.


The Soap Maker

Maman Katungu Kyarambi is a soap maker working with her husband at home. They started their soap-making business, Mileto Soap, with her first loan of $50 from Pro-Microfinance DRC in March 2010.

Initially, they produced two boxes of soap per day to sell in the community. Two months later, after re-paying their original loan in full, they qualified for a $100 loan. Four months afterward, they were approved for their third loan, of $200. In order to meet the growing demand for the high-quality product, in March 2012, the entrepreneurs took out a fourth loan of $400 in order to increase production (12 months after their first loan). Today, the couple is planning to increase production even further. The couple is currently working on a business plan with the help of PMI loan officer and will apply for a $1000 loan, which would be used to purchase a mixer and employ two employees from the community.

If you or your friends and family would like to make a donation to support these women who are rebuilding their lives, please donate.



Job opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities with Pro-Microfinance, please check again here in the future.

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