The Group Loan Program

Sample icon1 This program is a convenient and easy financing mechanism to empower those with no capital.

The Organizational Loan Program (OLP)

Sample icon 2 We work with local organizations in order to form partnerships for achieving the program’s goal.

Rotating Credit for Schools (RCS)

Sample icon 3Aimed at improving schools infrastructure.In Eastern DR Congo most schools are in very poor conditions.

Maman Musa’s Road to Recovery

Maman Musa became a widow in January of 2011, at age 32 when her husband was assassinated by the military in Eastern DR Congo.

Maman’s husband, a money exchanger in the town of Butembo, had just returned home from visiting his wife in the hospital. Maman’s husband was in bed the night three military men broke into their house, and locked three of the family’s children and babysitter in the kitchen. After robbing Maman’s husband, the men shot him in front of their fourth child, a 6 year old boy.

Living far from her parent’s family with four children to take care of, Maman Musa began continuing the work of her husband; borrowing money from money-lenders, changing it at a minimal profit, and returning it within a short time period. Despite her hard work, she was barely able to feed her family, and her hopes to send her children to school gradually faded.

When a local website published her story, Pro-Microfinance DR Congo staff contacted her to offer her training and loan services. After hearing her story from a conversation with PMI Chief Executive Director, one of our donors made a pledge of $200 contribution towards Maman Musa’s business. In March 2011 she got the $ 200 and now Maman Musa is financially stable and all her children are going to school. Maman Musa, was able to transform her situation from housewife dependent on her husband, and victim of the war in DR Congo, to a successful entrepreneur supporting her family. This is just one of the many success stories PMI has co-created thanks to your support.


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